Monday, January 29, 2007

Reverend Moon's Anti-Obama Agit-Prop

The Chief Moonie Ding-bat, new world messiah needs to stay the hell out of American politics, unless he wishes to lose a lot of money in these United States.

Robert Parry | Reverend Moon's Anti-Obama Agit-Prop:

If you've ever wondered how agit-propaganda works, you might take a look at the latest case study from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's media empire - a bogus story about Barack Obama attending a Muslim 'madrassah' when he was six years old, a smear that was then attributed to operatives of Hillary Clinton.

The shrewdness of Moon's Insight magazine story is that it hit two enemies with one anonymously sourced stone, a strategy of slime and divide straight from the textbooks of a spy agency like the CIA.

Only in this case, it is not the CIA planting black propaganda in a foreign publication to undermine some U.S. enemy. It is Moon using his media outlets subsidized by his mysterious foreign money to manipulate and distort the U.S. political process, again.

The Insight 'madrassah' story also turned out to be false. As CNN reported on Jan. 22, the Indonesian school that Obama attended as a child was not a 'madrassah' where sometimes extreme forms of Islam are taught, but rather a well-kept public school in an upper-middle-class neighborhood of Jakarta.

The boys and girls wear school uniforms and are taught a typical school curriculum today as they were 39 years ago when Obama was a student there, while living with his mother in Indonesia, reported CNN correspondent John Vause.

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