Monday, January 29, 2007

Media Downplays Anti-War March Size

Again, what else is new?

The march in August 2004, the Sunday before the RNC was at least 1/2 million strong, but it went uncovered, by the MSM.

September, 2005, saw, at least, 350,000 encircle the White House.

Nothing new here, except that this protest was, at least, mentioned, even if it was downplayed.

Danny Schechter: Media Downplays Anti-War March Size | BuzzFlash:

New York: January 28: This past weekend's anti-war march was big, say the organizers and I have no reason to doubt them. They made this claim:

Washington, D.C. -- In a massive showing of public opposition to the Iraq war, 500,000 people filled the streets around the Capitol today, completely surrounding the building. Participants converged on the National Mall from all over the country to voice their support for an end to the conflict in Iraq.

Three hundred buses rolled in early this morning, coming from more than 40 states and including at least 20 buses filled by New York City trade unions. United For Peace & Justice, the march coordinator, called this one of the largest and most diverse demonstrations since the war began.

According to UFPJ National Coordinator and veteran peace and justice leader Leslie Cagan, 'This is a decisive moment in the history of this country and of our peace movement. In November, the people of this nation voted for peace. We are here today, all ages, from all walks of life, to hold our elected officials to the mandate of the people.'

Add in protests in the rest of the country and it was even bigger.

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