Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is McCain becoming a bit unhinged?

Could be....

Nevertheless, why is it that anyone who opposes any Republican's goofy ideas is automatically labeled part of the left fringe or far left?

I wish, that just once, someone would ask these people to explain who they are talking about. Who exactly is the far left?

The Blog | Arianna Huffington: Davos Notes: John McCain Bites My Head Off | The Huffington Post:

Toward the end of the conversation, I raised my hand and asked McCain:

'Given that you've said that you are 'scared to death that it's going to be a very hot spring in Afghanistan,' and given that you have also said, repeatedly, that only a substantial increase in troops in Iraq would make a real difference, why not send the 21,000 troops headed to Iraq, in what is clearly an act of desperation, to Afghanistan instead?'

During his response, McCain equated those opposing his position with 'the far left.'

'Do you consider Sam Brownback part of the far left?' I jumped in.

The Senator flared and told me that if I'd only let him finish his answer instead of interrupting, we could have 'a civil discussion.'

He then continued on about why he supports the escalation (see his speech to the AIE if you need a refresher). Along the way, he denied that he had used the phrase 'the far left.'

Wow, I thought, the Straight Talk Express has run so far off the rails McCain is now denying things he'd said in front of close to two-dozen note-taking journalists not half-a-minute before.

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