Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iran is Going to Be Attacked

Who, indeed?

We cannot except anything less than full accountability under the law. Doing so would be treason on our part.

Our national well-being depends on official accountability, this time.

There must be no pardons, as the court of public opinion will not recognize any such pardons, on the grounds of national security or ending long national nightmares. That won't fly this time.

There can be no bargains. No such bargains can be made in the name of the people. We want the entire force of the law to be applied to members of this administration.

If Congress allows Junior and company to attack Iran, given that they must surely know, or they are much less informed than we are, that Bush is doing his dead level best to lure Iran into over-reacting to on-going provocations . It is always possible, that if the Iranian government doesn't over-react to Bushite taunting, an incident may still happen.

Congress would never know what hit them.

The time to act is now!

Iran is Going to Be Attacked:

Who gets to decide what laws are followed and what laws are not followed? Who decides who will be charged with a crime and who will give 'state's evidence' and be given amnesty, or just not charged and allowed to walk after the commission of a crime? The one that usually decides that is the District Attorney that has jurisprudence over the crime. Things that they consider are what the crime was, the person who committed the crime, whether that person that committed the crime is likely to do it again, what is on the court calender, the severity of the crime, and also if the crime was the kind of a crime that if ignored, might set a dangerous precedent and therefore a dangerous message to the community.

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