Monday, January 29, 2007

Republicans Scared Stiff of Bush's War Bumbles

They ought to be!

If they think 2006 was bad for the GOP, they should try to imagine what 2008 will look like.

Wonder when it will dawn on them that Junior doesn't give a damn about the party of his father?

The Blog | Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Republicans Scared Stiff of Bush's War Bumbles | The Huffington Post:

A bull-headed President Bush has made a career out of thumbing his nose at Congressional Democrats that take shots at his Iraq war folly. And now he's doing the same with the few Republicans that have dared break the code of silence and slam his Iraq war policy. When Republican Senator Olympia Snowe said she would back the Senate's non-binding resolution that gently put the brakes on war escalation, Bush lashed out that it wouldn't change anything.

And in his State of the Union speech, he again made it clear that he'll do as he pleases when it comes to squandering more billions and wasting more American lives in the quagmire.

But defiance on Iraq is one thing, and domestic political realities are another. Massive public discontent with Bush's hopelessly flawed and failed Iraq war policy cost the Republicans big in the mid-term elections, and with a slew of key Republicans up for reelection in 2008, they are terrified that it cost them even bigger in the 2008 elections, and that includes the loss of the White House.

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