Sunday, May 20, 2007

Senate readies no-confidence vote in bid to oust key Bush aide

Too bad the damage has already been done, when career people are fired or chased out to make room for American Taliban Members.

Until that unhappy fact is dealt with, along with the DOJ connection to ongoing election theft, there will be no confidence in the government, period.

The Raw Story | Senate readies no-confidence vote in bid to oust key Bush aide:

The US Senate was set to take the almost unprecedented move of a no-confidence vote on US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, ramping up pressure on President George W. Bush to sack his unpopular longtime aide.

The vote -- to be taken possibly as early as this week -- would be only symbolic, but several Republicans were likely to support the measure, including one key lawmaker who spoke Sunday of 'the likelihood of a very substantial vote of no-confidence' against Gonzales.

'You already have six Republicans calling for his resignation,' said Republican Senator Arlen Specter on CBS television Sunday, adding that the desire to avoid a political spectacle may convince the attorney general to resign.

'I have a sense ... that before the vote is taken, that attorney general Gonzales may step down,' he said.

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