Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Book on Bush - By Eric Alterman & Mark Green

A Must Read!

The Book on Bush - By Eric Alterman & Mark Green:

From the book's jacket flaps.

When George W. Bush became President in January 2001, he took office with a comfortably familiar surname, bipartisan rhetoric, and the promise of calming a public shaken by the convulsions of impeachment and a contested election. Then nine months later, after the tragedy of 9/11, both the country and the world looked to him for leadership that could unite people behind great common goals.

Instead, three years into his term, George W. Bush has squandered the good will felt toward America, turned allies into adversaries, and is running the most radical and divisive administration in the history of the presidency.

The Book on Bush is the first comprehensive critique of a president who is governing on a right wing and a prayer. In carefully documented and vivid detail, Eric Alterman and Mark Green, two of the leading progressive authors/advocates in the country, not only trace the guiding ideology that runs through a wide range of W's policies but also expose a presidential decision-making process that, rather than weighing facts to arrive at conclusions, begins with conclusions and then searches for supporting facts.

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