Thursday, June 14, 2007

Journal/NBC Survey: GOP Sucks

Congress gets lower marks than the murder monkey. They are not doing what we elected them to do, but in all fairness, they do not have a majority in the Senate. LIEberman is a neocon mole and Tim Johnson has not returned to the senate after his long illness.

If there is gridlock, the even-steven Senate is the reason. Perhaps we can correct that come 2008.

If we manage to give the Democrats the Congress and the White House, they will have no excuse, and they had damn well better get to work, reversing every Bush policy.

Turn this counntry around, or we will have to burn D.C. to the ground and start all over.

Poll Watch

John Harwood writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required): "Americans give the Republican Party their most negative assessment in the two-decade history of the Journal/NBC survey, and by 49% to 36% they say the Democratic Party more closely shares their values and positions on the issues. . . .

"The party's woes can be partly traced to the political decline of President Bush. His approval rating in the Journal/NBC survey has fallen to its lowest ever, 29%, while 66% of Americans disapprove of his performance. . . .

"The poll hardly brings reassurance for the Democrats, who control both the House and Senate. Amid political gridlock on domestic issues and inconclusive debates over Iraq, the approval rating for Congress stands lower than Mr. Bush's, at 23%."

Mark Murray writes for NBC News: "Back in April, 75 percent of Republicans approved of Bush's job performance, compared with 21 percent who disapproved. Now, only 62 percent of Republican approve, versus 32 percent who disapprove."

Brian Williams had this to say on the NBC Nightly News: "We are in a volatile period in modern American history. The mood of this nation, which was after all founded on optimism and a promise of a better life, has turned decidedly grim and downright angry on some subjects."

Added Tim Russert: "This is bleak. People think Washington is broken." (Could it be because it is broken?

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