Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peace talks now - Los Angeles Times

Get our people out of there and call on the U.N. and the Arab league.

Fat chance! Junior is delusional and The Dick is psychotic.

Peace talks now - Los Angeles Times:

THE UNITED STATES might have liked to wait until September for Army Gen. David H. Petraeus' report on the results of the troop surge in Iraq, but that wishful timetable has been overtaken by events. President Bush must begin planning a strategic and orderly disengagement that addresses the increasingly unstable geopolitical terrain.

Three developments underscore the urgency of change. First, as Bush's nominee for war czar, Douglas E. Lute, recently told Congress, the surge has made 'very little progress,' and the violence will continue unless there is major political reform. But even the administration concedes that such reform is unlikely soon. Not to attempt a course correction is therefore likely to condemn more U.S. troops to die for what their own government concedes may well be a lost cause. That is profoundly wrong.

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