Friday, June 15, 2007

Polygamy: the Red State Answer to Family Values

Just when you think the Goopers can't get any more hypocritical...

Polygamy: the Red State Answer to Family Values. AZ and UT Attorney Generals Won’t Prosecute It. And Then There's Orrin Hatch. |


When doing a high school term paper on Mormonism, we recalled that Utah was admitted as a state in the 1890s only after it prohibited the practice of polygamy.

Then, a couple of years back, we reported on BuzzFlash that in a town meeting in Utah, Orrin Hatch rebuffed complaints about polygamists who married underage girls and abused their wives.

As much as Hatch has left little room to astonish us with his unctuous hypocrisy, we were indeed taken aback when Hatch was quoted as responding something like, 'Show me the evidence. All the polygamists I know are good people.' (No, we are not making this up.)

So maybe we should have been prepared for a Reuters story on June 12th that indicated that polygamists will not be prosecuted in the states of Utah and Arizona.

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