Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pentagon Offers Zany Excuse for IED Foul-up | Diatribune

This war couldn't have been more poorly run if that was, indeed, their intention.

Can anyone really be this incompetent?

Pentagon Offers Zany Excuse for IED Foul-up Diatribune:

More than 1500 American soldiers have been killed by IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these deaths wouldn't have happened if the soldiers had been riding in armored V-shaped vehicles. These things used to be called 'Mine-protected Utility Vehicles/Rapid Deployable' (MUV-R), but now it's a 'Mine Resistant Ambush Protected' vehicle (MRAP). The name changed because you can't call something 'rapid deployable' when it still ain't there after 4 long years. Or can you?

As recently as October 2006, Senator Lindsay Graham was celebrating this foul-up as a brilliant success. 'This is an example of where (the Pentagon) has gotten it right,' Graham said. 'They're doing it as fast as they can.' (USA Today, 10/30/2006). It sounds like this problem just came up, and the Pentagon jumped right on it. (WRONG!)

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