Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lil' Bussh

God help us all.

BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary:


So that's that, then. After a meeting with the Italian prime minister Romano Prodi at the weekend,
Bush announced that it was time to bring the issue of Kosovan independence 'to a head'.
In other words, Kosovo should become independent even without the approval of the UN security council.
Now the emperor has spoken, is there really any point discussing the future of the disputed Serbian
province any further? Well yes, actually, there is.

What is at stake is not just the illegal seizure from Serbia of the cradle of its national history, and rewarding the campaign of violence by ex-KLA members which has seen an estimated
200,000 Serbs, Roma, Turks and other non-Albanian groups fleeing or being driven from the province since 1999. There is also the question of whether one dangerous and insane handjob,
George Bush, has the right to redraw the map of the world in any way he chooses.

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