Sunday, July 08, 2007

Against All Odds, Movement To Impeach Cheney.... gathering momentum fast and, like a runaway train, is headed straight for D.C.!

Nationwide Movement To Impeach Vice President Cheney Escalates With Online Petition, Video And Large Coalition Of Supporters At

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films, in Partnership with and Activists Across the Country, Launch Massive Nationwide Campaign Exposing the Vice President's High Crimes and Calling for Impeachment

Petition: "Congress should begin impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney"

LOS ANGELES - A powerful new video and web campaign outlining the case for Impeachment against Vice President Cheney were launched today at by acclaimed Director Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Films. features a searing new three minute You Tube video exposing the Vice President's crimes and asking the public to call on Congress to support a House resolution to impeach Cheney. The video and petition will be distributed across the country via the Internet with the support of a massive coalition (listed below), and are expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of hours.

"Vice President Cheney misled the American people into war in Iraq and is attempting to mislead us into war with Iran. He regularly disregards the Constitution and the laws that make this country great" said Director Robert Greenwald. "It's high time Cheney be held accountable."

The video, Impeach Cheney highlights three instances of impeachable crimes by the Vice President including: fabricated threat of Iraq WMD; fabricated ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda, and threatening Iran. These crimes are outlined in House Resolution 333 which is supported by the following members of Congress: Yvette Clarke, William Lacy, Clay Keith Ellison, Bob Filner, Jesse Jackson Jr., Hank Johnson, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Jim McDermott, Jim Moran, Jan Schakowsky, Maxine Waters, Lynn Woolsey and Albert Wynn.

"With each passing day, the cost of the Iraq War in lives, dollars, and national security becomes more unbearable, and war with Iran would be three times worse. We have known for years that the Iraq War was based entirely on lies, yet no one has been held accountable. The person to start with is Vice President Cheney, and the time to start is now." said Bob Fertik, Co-Founder of

Coming on the heels of national outrage surrounding the Scooter Libby pardon and a series of articles exposing the Vice President in last week's Washington Post, the Impeach Cheney campaign is answering a national demand for accountability at the highest levels of government.

This project is done in partnership with:,, Backbone Campaign, BradBlog, BuzzFlash, Code Pink, Democracy Rising,, Grass Roots America 4 Us, Hip Hop Caucus,, Impeach For,, National Lawyers Guild,, People's Email Network, United for Peace and Justice, Velvet Revolution, Working Assets, World Can't Wait.


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