Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hang Him High!


July 11, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Should Face Criminal Investigation and Prison Time if Found Guilty

(Brent Budowsky)

Now we learn that when Congress considered the Patriot Act, Attorney
General Alberto Gonzales testified that there was not one instance of
abuse of rights, when he had been privately briefed about more than one
instance of abuse of rights.

Testifying falsely is a federal crime, whether under oath or not.
There is now probable cause to conclude that Alberto Gonzales has
testified falsely more than once.

There is a range of issues involving acts that could be in violation
of law including testimony, cover-up of Abu Ghraib, eavesdropping
without judicial approval and inappropriate firings that comprise a
partial list.

Alberto Gonzales is innocent until proven guilty, but these matters
should now be decided under the rule of law, based on commonly accepted
standards of law, through the normal criminal investigative process,
and if necessary a jury of his peers. If convicted any sentence should
be meted out within the sentencing guidelines, including prison time if
he is convicted of crimes that warrant incarceration under the law.

Congress should immediately pursue normal procedures and call for a special prosecutor. Republicans should support this.

If Republicans oppose a special prosecutor, and continue their
pattern of tolerance of perjury and lobbying for pardons, they can face
the consequences at the polls and the Democratic Congress can escalate
to other options.

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