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We Have Reached Critical Mass

Though we have posted about this topic numerous times, recently, on this and our sister blogs, we feel it cannot be over-emphasized. So, here we go again.

Most of us are old-timers, meaning 50 YOA or over. We have something that is invaluable in times like these: Lived history. So, in many ways, what's happening in this country now is quite personal to us, not to mention terrifying and sickening.

Most of us remember the 60s and early 70s as if that era were yesterday. Not all of our memories are of daisies in gun-barrels and children with flowers in their hair, their innocence glowing in a way none of us will ever forget.

Some of us remember the bodies at Kent State. Some of us remember the insanity that was Vietnam. Some of us remember, well, the speeches of Dr. King, JFK and RFK. We also remember their deaths, by murder. Seemed, back then, there was open war on civil rights heroes, anyone who was against the god-awful war in southeast Asia and anyone who wanted to see the patriarchy come down, not to the depths of hell, just down to a manageable place.

We made mistakes. We, essentially, threw a royal hissy-fits in the streets of America. We had what some considered to be a very dangerous nervous breakdown, for the whole world to see. Our generation was the anti-thesis of the generation that spawned us; that generation called "the Greatest Generation." That would be my father's generation, the one that conquered Nazism and Fascism in Europe, something that needed to be done.for obvious reasons.

God Bless Them!

Nevertheless, it was left to to their progeny to point the finger of judgment at segregation, voting rights, unnecessary wars, the shame of high poverty in a wealthy nation, womens' rights, minority rights, period.

Most of us were very young then, We had our share of quickly acquired knowledge and outrage but, alas, little wisdom.

Yes, we managed to accomplish quite a bit, and much of what we advocated has advanced our society in ways we could not have imagined and really will be our salvation in the future, if we are at all wise now..

But we really have to admit that we scared the crap out of some people...out of quite a few people, actually. We could not have possibly predicted the backlash to come.

It wasn't really evident to many until the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reagan had such hatred for all things hippie or new age or anything that did not fit with G.E'.s ( his ) world view. He was G.E.'s man, and God only knows to whom else he belonged. He was a president, bought, packaged and sold to the American people as something he never really was.

Tough, down and dirty war hero? The man made films; not even very good films. That's it, folks. Hell, he was a Democrat until the money looked better on the other side. He never saw battle. Of course, neither did John Wayne.

Plastic Fantastic cowboys.
Damn, we are still stuck with them today.

Do I believe that Ronald Reagan was evil?

No. I do not. He was an actor and a politician who was beholden to the folks who brought him to the big D.C. dance. He did have the ability to see when things were going terribly wrong and change course. He wasn't as dumb as he looked, on occasion.

Still, were it not for the extremes of the era knows as the 60s, there might not have been a Reagan or a Jerry Falwell and his moral majority, which was neither. Who knows?

Was it worth it?

Yeah, I think it was. How else were we going to get Washington's attention?

After all, the news media back then, covered citizen dissent, protest, demonstrations and the like.

They don't today.

Maybe it is because our protests today are peaceful. So, where's the news in that? Who cares about a bunch of anti-war pussies on the National Mall, eh?

"Call us if someone gets his skull crushed by the cops or someone sets the White House on fire.

Sad, really. If violence does break out it will be because the peace people have reached a breaking point, and the news media will have only themselves to blame.

Chris Matthews can give hate-monger, Ann Coulter, a full hour to spew hate and disinformation; he can devote his entire show to violent protests in Argentina, but not one word about non-violent protests in down-town D.C., or NYC or Atlanta, L.A., San Francisco....nope not one word. Why?

Does it take blood in the streets?


I sincerely hope not.

We are in desperate need another revolution, as Thomas Jefferson suggested, but if it is another violent revolution, it will only bloom into more violence in the future, just as the last one did. However, any revolution is better than none at all, at this critical stage..

e have reached Critical Mass

What kind of non-violent protest do we need?

1) There must be millions of people...cover the National Mall from one end to the other, and maybe Central Park.

2) The protesters must be willing to commit civil disobedience, as long as only minor laws are broken, and it must be necessary to break them., in answer to a higher good. A Hoover Tent City would be appropriate.

4) Protesters must remember that police are not the enemy. They are friends we haven't met yet. (Some are simply sociopaths who love power and persecuting people, but don't assume they all are.) This old gray-hair has had some interesting conversations with police, in NYC, DC, and other places. If the police are having to put in extra hours in the broiling hot sun, because of the protest, thank them and offer them a drink of cool water. They are under orders. Treat them well. They are our brothers and sisters, until they prove otherwise

5) We do not believe in violence against a person or property. However, if pushed to the break-point, we will choose property, never violence against life.

6) We must all consider that our politicians, with few exceptions, like those of other nations, are merely the middle-people; corporate puppets. The best form of protest is to go after the worst corporations; their corporate officers, preferably. These are the people who have lived for too long with no conscious or fear of the people. It is high time that changed.

7) When deciding on a candidate for president, we always consider these main things:

a) What is his/her cash/contributor ratio.

b) If the ratio is off, which big interests are contributing to the candidates campaign? Can you stomach anything about them?

c) Does he or she strike you as authentic in his/her beliefs, do you agree with those beliefs, would you be willing to dedicate part of you time and money to those beliefs?

d) Which of the candidates suffers the constant onslaught of MSM attacks for absolutely silly stuff? Same for the obviously right-wing media. Whomever is getting smacked, is a real threat to their interests and, therefore, probably good for ours.

e) The news media has a real tendency to focus on the candidates with the most money, thus helping decide who will be our president, or the lesser of the evils for whom we get to vote. Don't let them get away with it.

d) Ask," can this candidate beat any Republican likely to run?"

e) If you love what a candidate stands for and he/she stands a chance of a snowball in hell in the general election, vote for that candidate, Screw the media and the big money!

From your elders:

Stop being sheeple. Do you homework, don't trust the MSM, Cabal News and any other news outlet owned by the same people who are profiting off this war, related issues or other issues like health-care, energy, education, kids, the elderly or whatever issues you believe important for our country.

Contact you heart, mind and gut before casting a vote just because the media tells you that the candidate is a winner, based on money contributed.

If we have to go to war in this country we will. But, please, lets employ everything we have before we reach that point!

One of our members, a 58 year old woman said the following this past weekend:

Here is what non-violence means to me, and I realize it does not mean the same thing to others: I would prefer to ignore the hate-mongers, you know who they all are, but I will tell you this, If Ann Coulter were to push me into a corner, in one of those hip D.C. bars, with her vile hate-speech and lies, I might just break her jaw! I would probably regret it later, but I might well do it.! Unlike Gandhi and King, I have my limits.

I guess that pretty much sums it up for all of us.

We have a limit and we have reached it.

Beware Bullies!

We aren't the wimps you think we are!

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