Sunday, July 08, 2007

Gooper Double Standard and More Crap

Can't help but wonder how old Lou Dobbs Feels about Amnesty for Libby?

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"Bush is still running a no-fault foreign policy. Iraq is a quagmire, a tragedy of accumulated errors that may be unparalleled in American history. Yet the president has not held a single member of his national-security team publicly responsible for any of those errors. Seen in that light, the president's
commutation of Libby's sentence could hardly be less surprising."
-- Michael Hirsh, Link

O'Reilly dropped in DC

Yesterday, O'Reilly's Washington, D.C. radio station (WJFK,106.7 FM) dropped his show.
I'm sure on Monday when he returns from vacation, the No-Spinster, who is never shy about
telling us about the failure of liberal radio, will be telling them about his own.

Oh, if he does mention it he'll say that liberal talk isn't all that hot in Washington either.
Of course, if I have my math right, "isn't hot" is a lot better than "not at all."

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