Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Time For Rico

We've been saying this for years.

The Rico statutes are applicable to Bush, Cheney and others.

Yes it would be embarrassing for America to have its president, vice president, and others in high places, indicted for crimes like thugs of the Mafia, but that is what they are; part of a crime family that has a long history.

Besides, can we actually be more embarrassed than we already are, by Bush, Cheney and others of their ilk? I can't imagine how?

by Timothy V. Gatto

What do you do when you know that the President of the United States AND the Vice-President of the United States are criminals? How do you go about trying to get someone to make the first move if you are not a District Attorney or a special Prosecutor or a member of Congress? Who do you go to that will help? What kind of reward or benefit can you promise someone in order for them to go out on a limb and charge the President and Vice President with criminal conduct?

This sounds like a scene from a movie doesn’t it? Unfortunately it isn’t a movie, its real life, right now. We have a President that has broken so many laws that coming up with charges is child’s play. The biggest hurdle is getting someone with big enough legal standing, and a good sense of right and wrong and the courage to actually start the ball rolling.

Forget about impeachment. This Congress isn’t about to impeach anyone for anything. The people sitting in the Capitol Building have the moral prerogatives of snake oil salesmen. These people are interested in power and the trappings of power. They look at the electorate as people that must be coddled so that they will vote for them in the next election, but their real masters are the corporate bigwigs and the Special Interest Groups that fund their political campaigns. The trouble with that situation is that these are the people that are perfectly happy with the status quo. This war in Iraq and Afghanistan are huge free-for-alls that keep the player’s pockets full and keep the bottom line in the black.

The only way to change this situation is to obey the letter of the law. This is a nation of law, and as such, expects its leaders to obey the laws of the land. In this country, nobody is above the law. (or that is the way it is supposed to be). Apparently, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney feel that because they hold the two highest offices in the land, they are above the law. Witness Cheney driving away after he shot his friend in the face. Look, if I shot someone in the face and didn’t wait for the law to come and give them a statement as to what happened I would sure as hell been in trouble. It sure looks like Cheney is above the law. He is not. The same for the President, he is not above the law.

I believe that, after reading all of the articles about impeachment, that many of us want the same thing. We need someone that just might stand up and do the things that are needed to bring this country back to a nation that operates under the rule of law.

There must be others like myself that want to see George W. Bush and Dick Cheney taken to task for what they have done in the name of The United States of America. This is why I am asking you to think about what kind of support you could give if such a man (or woman) decides to actually take this case. I know that there are lawyers and others that have the knowledge and/or the money to help us to bring Bush and Cheney to justice under the RICO Statutes. I would like you to consider helping if someone takes this enormous responsibility and makes it his/her own.

I am one that believes that this government is not going to fix itself. The government has had ample opportunity to ask itself some of the hard questions that it needs to ask and they have not. We still don’t have clean elections. We still haven’t heard the final word on who planned and executed the attacks of 9/11. We still haven’t been told how Bush and all of our intelligence agencies could have been so wrong about Iraq. We are still arresting citizens and holding them without the right of consul in prisons outside the US, and the Congress does nothing. They don’t want to do anything. Even the Presidential candidates except for Mike Gravel and Ron Paul don’t speak out against the loss of freedom that all Americans have suffered under the “Patriot Act”. Why?

I believe that Americans know that Congress is not going to do anything in so far as removing this President from power. Eighteen months is a long time. Think of what this man can do in the span of eighteen months. He could order a nuclear strike against Iran. If a Supreme Court Justice died he could pack the court with other right wing, corporate puppets like Alito and Roberts. He could also declare a state of emergency for some false-flag attack and cancel elections altogether.

These are compelling reasons to consider charging this regime under the RICO Statutes. Too many people have given their lives for this nation. Too many people continue to die needlessly because of Bush’s short-sightedness and his use of military force as an answer to every international dispute. This is the 21st Century. We can no longer operate under “gunboat” diplomacy”. The world is a fragile place and we don’t need another country with land that is littered with depleted uranium. We need to take our place in the world as equal among equals at the worlds conference tables, not ostracized as a rouge state. This is America, but it doesn’t feel like it. I have had people tell me not to write the things I write for my own good. Does that sound like America? I write what I feel, because of what I see, and what I’m seeing now, I don’t like.

I love my country as do many if not all of you. I write what needs to be said, and one other thing, I don’t make this stuff up.

Former Chairman of the Liberal Party of America, Tim is a retired Army Sergeant. He currently lives in South Carolina. A regular contributor to OpEdNews, he is the author of Kimchee Kronicles and is currently at work on a new novel.

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