Tuesday, April 25, 2006

5 People Killed in Afghan Plane Crash | Chicago Tribune

Wonder what they were doing over there; bootlegging Opium, like they did Cocaine during thre Reagan wars in Cneral America?

5 People Killed in Afghan Plane Crash Chicago Tribune:

"LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan -- A plane carrying U.S. drug enforcement officials slammed into tents and mud-brick houses after dodging a truck on a runway, killing two Ukrainian crew members and three people on the ground, officials said Tuesday.

At least 13 people were injured, including several Americans, when the Russian-made, twin-engine An-32 aircraft plowed into a nomad settlement while landing at an airport in Lashkar Gah in southern Afghanistan. The plane had to maneuver to avoid a truck that crossed the runway, officials said.

Two of the four Ukrainian crew members, including the pilot, were killed, U.S. Embassy spokesman Lou Fintor said, while eight of the 13 passengers -- 11 Americans and two people whose nationalities were not specified -- suffered minor injuries. "

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