Monday, April 24, 2006

Democrats bank on anger, offer plan, but hedge on Iraq

They can start by undoing virtually everything Bush has done; erasing the entire Bush presidency.

But, they can't bring back lives, now can they?

KRT Wire 04/22/2006 Democrats bank on anger, offer plan, but hedge on Iraq:

"The Democratic National Committee used a three-day meeting to unveil a six-point statement labeled as the party's vision for governing - yet it avoided such thorny issues as Iraq or immigration. And party leaders put off further discussion of a Democratic plan for Iraq until later this year - and then it will be done in private, perhaps after the November election for control of Congress.

Throughout the strategy meeting, Democrats said they were confident that anger at President Bush puts them in position to win control of Congress this November. But most insisted the party still must close the sale with skeptical voters.

'The wheels have come off the Bush bus. People are mad,' said New Hampshire Democratic Party chairwoman Kathleen Sullivan. 'We could win Congress. But Democrats need to explain why we can do a better job.'"

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