Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fantasies are about all we have, anymore...

The Ostroy Report:

"I've had this little fantasy lately....

Bush Resigns! Dick Cheney Imprisoned!

In a stunning turnaround of political fortunes, George W. Bush has followed in the footsteps of another embattled Republican, Richard Nixon, to become only the second president in United States history to resign from office. According to White House insiders who were granted anonymity for fear of being yelled at by an unnamed petulant high-ranking politician from a very dynastic Texas family that rhymes with 'tush', Bush made the decision to avoid becoming the third president to be impeached. Under constitutional law, vice president Dick Cheney would become America's 44th president, but he's already begun serving a prison sentence stemming from his 2007 tax evasion conviction over false Hurricane Katrina contribution write-offs (why do they always get 'em on tax evasion?). "

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