Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hot Dem Pollster

The Fix -- Chris Cillizza's Politics Blog on washingtonpost.com#more#more#more#more:

"Everything pollster Pete Brodnitz needed to know about the 2005 Virginia governor's race he learned two years ago in Nevada.

Can Democratic pollster Pete Brodnitz apply the lessons he learned in Nevada and Virginia to help the Democrats reclaim the Senate this year? (Courtesy Pete Brodnitz)Brodnitz, who handled Gov. Tim Kaine's (D) survey research in 2005, spent much of the previous year polling for the Nevada Democratic caucus -- several of whose members faced tough races in 2004 after supporting an $833 million tax increase proposed by Gov. Kenny Guinn (R). Not only did Brodnitz's clients win, but he also helped knock off two Republicans who had been the most ardent opponents of the tax increase.

'A lot of my views about what we were going to do in Virginia were informed by my views in Nevada,' he said."

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