Sunday, April 23, 2006

Indispensable, untouchable China - The Boston Globe

This pretty much sums it all up. Bush has a sugar daddy and he just happens to be a Communist..

What ever happened to the failed communist economic system? Guess what, they now own us, thanks to Junior and his cabal of Neocons

Indispensable, untouchable China - The Boston Globe:

"QUESTION: HOW do you apply leverage against an emerging geopolitical giant that also happens to be among your biggest creditors? Answer: not very well.

When President Bush took office, prodded by neoconservative advisers, he viewed China as a potential rival and menace. Today, bogged down in Iraq and hobbled by American financial dependence on Beijing, Bush must look to the Chinese like a modern, self-inflicted Gulliver.
Washington has several issues, as the children say, with the Chinese. For starters, Beijing should play by the usual financial rules and not keep their currency artificially cheap to stimulate exports, which worsens our $200 billion bilateral trade imbalance.

We want the Chinese to respect American intellectual property, religious liberty, and human rights. We'd like Beijing to play a more helpful role in the nuclear containment of North Korea and Iran, and, please, not to menace Taiwan."

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