Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Iraq's red stains

The war, itself, may well be the reason for the war. After all gasoline prices have soared and Bush's and Cheney's buddies have made several thousand fortunes and it just goes on and on...

Why win, when you can get rich as a slut in Uptown by losing?

KRT Wire 04/25/2006 Iraq's red stains:

"This week, the Senate faces the largest emergency spending bill in the nation's history, $106.5 billion. Almost $68 billion is for Pentagon war costs the Bush administration never saw coming. Not unlike the Iraqi insurgency.

The failure to anticipate the toll of the Iraq invasion in U.S. blood and treasure is particularly pointed as conservatives rally to shield Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld from the criticism of retired generals, many of whom had key roles in the war. Those critics, Rumsfeld's defenders say, forget the brilliant and swift military victory that deposed Saddam Hussein, and besides, those generals are really upset about the secretary's efforts to create a leaner, more-nimble armed services at the Pentagon.

That view could not be more self-serving and shortsighted. Immediately after that lightning victory three years ago, the U.S. got bogged down in a lethal resistance that was a prelude to civil war. Likewise, initially fighting the war on the cheap with fewer men and resources than required had very real costs in lives and military overhead."

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