Sunday, April 23, 2006

MoDo for humor, and this is good!

Sound off: Where the views and opinions of our staff and others are expressed on various topics that relate to Bush:

"Dick and Rummy are in Karl's old office, eating Chinese leftovers.

'Serves Karl right, by golly,' Rummy says. 'He's so arrogant. Won't listen to anybody about anything. Goodness gracious, imagine having somebody in such an important job who doesn't take any advice or pay attention to dissenting opinions. An autocrat ruthlessly ruling over his own little kingdom. Even Laura can't stand his peacock-preening.'
Dick grunts his assent, his mouth full of ginger-scented dumplings.

The Bush mandarins are feeling more sweet than sour. It's been a fun week, sidelining Rove, firing the C.I.A. officer who was a source for reporters (including for The Washington Post's Pulitzer-winning articles) on the agency's overseas gulag, plotting against Iran, messing with China's head, rolling like a Tiananmen tank over the retired generals who tried to lead a democratic uprising against Rummy.
'Here's to winning the Battle of the Potomac,' Rummy said with a wolfish grin, clinking Scotch glasses with Dick. 'Another tactical mistake by the military.'
The Kid whizzes down the West Wing hall on his Razor scooter. 'Hey, dudes, listen to my fortune cookie,' he calls out. ' 'Though effective, appear to be ineffective.' ' Dick and Rummy exchange knowing looks.
Hu's on first?' Rummy howls, and cracks up, as he does every time he makes the joke. 'Those Commies got what was coming to them. They're still trying to figure out how we could ruin Hu's trip by letting some woman with a press pass from The Falun Gong Gazette onto the White House lawn to heckle him.
'How the Dickens do they think? We let her in! That little Commie thought he could come here and act like we're the second-rate po"

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