Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rasmussen has bush at new low

Daily Kos: rasmussen has bush at new low:

"I`m a premium member at rasmussen so this may not be on his website until later but bush has dropped to a new all time low of 38%.61% disapprove and only 18 % strongly approve with 45% strongly disapproving .scott sounds very concerned.
Bush is down to 66% approval among the gop.this could be just an outlier for Ras. and he will pop over 40 again soon because his polling is all over the place.

For instance yesterday he had bush with 24% black approval(sure) and today it`s 14%, obviously the trend is down, take off the usual 5 points he adds and bush is down in the low 30`s like all the other polls.if the dems can`t win something this year, we may as well give up!!! "

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