Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen

Another Bushite disaster!

Will the Democrats do something or are they waiting for us to do something; something they won't like any better than the Republicans will?

Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen - New York Times:

"When Robert Sanders was sent by the Army to inspect the construction work an American company was doing on the banks of the Tigris River, 130 miles north of Baghdad, he expected to see workers drilling holes beneath the riverbed to restore a crucial set of large oil pipelines, which had been bombed during the invasion of Iraq.What he found instead that day in July 2004 looked like some gargantuan heart-bypass operation gone nightmarishly bad. A crew had bulldozed a 300-foot-long trench along a giant drill bit in their desperate attempt to yank it loose from the riverbed. A supervisor later told him that the project's crews knew that drilling the holes was not possible, but that they had been instructed by the company in charge of the project to continue anyway."

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