Thursday, April 27, 2006

Senator Roberts Seeks Delay of Intel Probe

In a word, NO!

Hell No.

You were suppose to finsih this shortly after the presidential election and, now, in the summer of 2006, you want another delay?

We can only assume that you are covering up for the Bush administration, and that what you are covering up is even worse than what we already know; that this nation was lied into a war of aggression.

That, alone, is an impeachable offense. So, what else are you hiding, Roberts?

Senator Roberts Seeks Delay of Intel Probe:

"Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said he wants to divide his panel's inquiry into the Bush administration's handling of Iraq-related intelligence into two parts, a move that would push off its most politically controversial elements to a later time.

The inquiry has dragged on for more than two years, a slow pace that prompted Democrats to force the Senate into an extraordinary closed-door session in November. Republicans then promised to speed up the probe.

Roberts said in an interview shortly before the April recess that he could bring up the matter in a business meeting of the Intelligence Committee scheduled for tomorrow.
'We went over three reports that members are studying,' Roberts said, referring to three less controversial components of his committee's inquiry. Roberts said his committee could approve the immediate publication of those components.

'We'll have a business meeting first thing when we come back. I'd like to show some progress,' he said.

An aide to Sen. Jay Rockefeller (W.Va.), the panel's ranking Democrat, said that Democrats are aware Roberts is mulling a decision on whether to divide the inquiry and that Rockefeller is unlikely to oppose such a move if Roberts goes through with it. But one Democrat who has followed the probe said separating the controversial elements would relieve pressure on Roberts to complete the entire inquiry soon.

On NBC's 'Meet the Press' in February, host Tim Russert asked Roberts about the status of the inquiry. "

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