Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Take-Down Lieberman Campaign

We are all for it.

Lieberman has come unhinged and it is time for him to go; to the Republican party or hell, I don't care which.

The Take-Down Lieberman Campaign:

"Tom Morissey, a retired New Haven police detective, is very, very excited. Monday night he put on a public forum for Ned Lamont, the liberal Greenwich businessman who is challenging Senator Joe Lieberman in a primary this summer. The mood in the room, says Morissey, was 'electrifying,' adding, 'That's not a word you'll hear in connection with Joe Lieberman.'

After eighteen years as a Democratic Senator from Connecticut, with his $7 million bankroll and national name recognition as a former Vice Presidential candidate, Lieberman is a formidable foe.

Ever since he beat liberal Republican Lowell Weicker in 1988, with the help of William F. Buckley Jr., Lieberman has been a rightwing Democrat. But in recent years things have gotten worse. His unqualified support for the Bush Administration, even in its moments of greatest failure, has been unparalleled.
As Benjamin Simon writes in the Yale Daily News, 'Perhaps Lieberman's most galling characteristic is his willingness to appear in conservative media and to publicly and unreservedly bash Democratic policies and other Democrats.

As a Democrat with a bullhorn, Lieberman can and does do more harm to the Democratic message machine than any Republican. It is no surprise then that his approval rating is 15 points higher among Republicans than among Democrats or that he has fundraising parties hosted by Republican lobbyists.'"

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