Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vilsack Signs Funeral Bill One Day Before Planned Protest

These particular protesters ought to be in hell, rather than 500 feet from decent, caring ciizens.

Nevertheless, it is about ime somebody did something.

Bikers still needed!

KETV.com - News - Vilsack Signs Funeral Bill One Day Before Planned Protest:

"DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack has signed a bill that will force an anti-gay Kansas church to keep its distance at an upcoming funeral of an Iowa National Guardsman.

The governor enacted the law one day before the Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket at the funeral of Sgt. Daniel Sesker, who was killed this month in Iraq.

The law will force the group and other protesters to stay at least 500 feet away from any funeral or ceremony at a cemetery.

The church group claims that God is killing U.S. soldiers who fight for a country that tolerates homosexuality. The group has traveled to military funerals for more than a year, waving placards and chanting offensive slogans."

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