Sunday, February 18, 2007

Attorney General Gonzalez Shunned in Argentina

He is pretty much shunned here too, but he doesn't notice it, since he is one of the bubble people.

Attorney General Gonzalez Shunned in Argentina:

As one would expect, some of Argentina's most pro-establishment voices are lamenting that Bush, in his next visit to Latin America, will not visit our country. They fail to take into account the staggering unpopularity of the United States President among Argentines, as well as his plummeting status among the U.S. electorate.

They suppose any bat of an eyelash from the Empire to be good, and consider it sad that the aspiring rulers of the world won’t be honoring us with their dubious embrace.

The National Government seems to see things more clearly: such a bear hug wouldn't agree with them, and even less so in an election year, during which Bush's arrival would offer an obvious target for attack.


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