Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Neocon Dog That Isn't Barking - by Jim Lobe

Here's our thinking:

He will wait until just before the 2008 election, blow Iran back to the stone ages, put every nuclear power on red alert, if not full nuclear battle mode, and leave the next president with even a bigger mess than we have now, provided there is anything left, at all.

The Neocon Dog That Isn't Barking - by Jim Lobe:

For several weeks now, Washington has been abuzz with rumors that U.S. President George W. Bush is preparing to attack nuclear and other sites in Iran this spring – rumors deemed sufficiently credible that lawmakers from both parties are hastily preparing legislation precisely to prevent such an eventuality.

The evidence cannot be ignored.

As cited by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi in the most recent edition of American Conservative, Bush's charges that Iran is supplying bombs to Shi'ite militias to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq; the seizure by U.S. forces of Iranian diplomatic and intelligence officials there; the deployment of two aircraft carrier groups with a flotilla of minesweepers to the Gulf; the supply of Patriot antimissile batteries to Washington's allies in the region; the unprecedented appointment of a navy admiral and former combat pilot as the head of Central Command; the 'surge' of as many as 40,000 troops into Iraq; persistent reports of U.S. covert operations inside Iran – all suggest that Washington is preparing for a military confrontation, and soon.

No one doubts that the administration has developed detailed plans for attacking Iran and is certainly putting in place a formidable armada that, if so ordered, has the means to carry out those plans without delay.

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