Monday, February 19, 2007

More Edwards......

I have been trying to figure out for months, of whom Edwards reminds me.

I think I just figured it out.

He reminds of a cross between John and Bobby Kennedy.
He has JfK's humor and class, as well as the image of vigor, which, as a nation we desperately need.

He has Bobby's since of justice and fairness, and way of seeing the people as valuable.

He seems totally authentic in his passion for an egalitarian culture.

I am beginning to think that John and Elizabeth Edwards are the team that will bring us unity through "repentance."

Repentance = Metanoia, which means, "change your mind, think differently."

Opelika-Auburn News | AP News: "Edwards also discussed the Senate's failure Saturday to pass a resolution opposing Bush's plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq. He said it was up to Congress to find other ways to curtail America's involvement.

'That means using its appropriations authority in the Constitution to put a cap on the number of troops in Iraq so they can force (Bush) to start drawing down the number of troops,' he said. The reality is the Democrats hold a slim majority in the Senate and such a move would require Republican votes, and any such legislation would face a certain veto by President Bush.

Edwards also addressed criticism aimed at his campaign pledge to fight poverty in America. In recent weeks, Edwards has taken heat for his new multimillion-dollar home in North Carolina, which features a handball court, swimming pool and basketball court.

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