Sunday, February 18, 2007

Iranian Force, Focus of U.S., Still a Mystery

No more preemptive strikes based on mysteries!

Once again, no one seems to have a clue about what they are doing.

If the U.S. military strikes Iran, we will all know why, no matter the reasons given or black ops terror they cook up to ensure that Congress is hog-tied.

It will be because Junior and Vice are backed into a corner, and Iran is their last hope for any kind of victory, anywhere.

Maybe they believe that old saying, "third time's the charm," or some such idiocy.

Maybe we will be "fighting 'em over there so we won't have to fight 'em here."

Maybe the whole damn city of Washington, D.C. needs a net thrown over it and we can sort out the crazies later!

Iranian Force, Focus of U.S., Still a Mystery - New York Times:

"WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 — Like so much else about the Iranian state, the Quds Force, which conducts overseas operations for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, remains remarkably mysterious even to those who closely study the country.

The Quds Force is under intense scrutiny by American intelligence agencies because it is suspected of supplying sophisticated explosives to Iraqi militants. Among those detained in recent American raids on Iranian offices in Iraq were several Iranians identified by the United States military as Quds operatives, including a diplomat said to be the No. 2 official in the Quds Force.

Questions about what exactly Quds Force officers have done and whether they acted at the direction of the Iranian leadership have taken on particular urgency as the Bush administration sends more troops to damp the violence in Baghdad. But the competing power centers inside the Iranian government, and the intense secrecy that obscures decision making, make answers elusive.

“We know that the Quds Force is involved,” Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told reporters on Thursday. “We know the Quds Force is a paramilitary arm of the I.R.G.C.,” he added, using the abbreviation for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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