Sunday, February 18, 2007

Experts: Iranian unit not arming Iraq militias

Junior and Vice don't believe in "experts."

They are entirely too much like some kinda scientist, don't ya know!

We can't be havin' no damn experts meddlin' in our "Farn Policy," see?

Experts: Iranian unit not arming Iraq militias | ®:

CAIRO, Egypt - Iran's secretive Quds Force, accused by the United States of arming Iraqi militants with deadly bomb-making material, has built an extensive network in the war-torn country, recruiting Iraqis and supporting not only Shiite militias but also Shiites allied with Washington.

Still unclear, however, is how closely Iran's top leadership is directing the Quds Force's operations and whether Iran has intended for its help to Shiite militias to be turned against U.S. forces.

Iran likely does not want a direct confrontation with American troops in Iraq but is backing militiamen to ensure Shiites win any future civil war with Iraqi Sunnis after the Americans leave, several experts said Thursday.

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