Monday, February 19, 2007

In Majority, Democrats Run Hill Much as GOP Did

In case no one has noticed, we are in a national crisis, thanks to 6 years of one party rule!

As an independent, I did not vote for Democrats, so they could be nice. I voted for them, to go to Washington and kick some corrupt, criminal ass!

If they don't, I can only draw the conclusion that they, too, are corrupt.

Nuff said.

In Majority, Democrats Run Hill Much as GOP Did -

Democrats pledged to bring courtesy to the Capitol when they assumed control of Congress last month. But from the start, the new majority used its muscle to force through its agenda in the House and sideline Republicans.

And after an initial burst of lawmaking, the Democratic juggernaut has kept on rolling.

Of nine major bills passed by the House since the 110th Congress began, Republicans have been allowed to make amendments to just one, a measure directing federal research into additives to biofuels. In the arcane world of Capitol Hill, where the majority dictates which legislation comes before the House and which dies on a shelf, the ability to offer amendments from the floor is one of the minority's few tools.

Last week, the strong-arming continued during the most important debate the Congress has faced yet -- the discussion about the Iraq war. Democrats initially said they would allow Republicans to propose one alternative to the resolution denouncing a troop buildup but, days later, they thought better of it.

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