Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carter says majority in U.S. support views in book

Carter is right-on.

A majority of Americans do agree with him.

Carter says majority in U.S. support views in book - Yahoo! News:

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Jimmy Carter defended his new book on the Middle East on Thursday against sharp criticism from Jewish groups and said a majority of U.S. citizens including many Jews supported its main proposals.

Letters he received since the publication in November of 'Palestine: Peace not Apartheid' were largely supportive and included support from many readers who described themselves as U.S. Jews, said the former president.

Jewish groups have expressed outrage at the book, arguing that its title and contents could undermine perceptions of
Israel's legitimacy.

Carter, 82, was addressing a forum at Atlanta's Emory University in which he detailed his involvement in the Middle East culminating in the Camp David Accords in 1978. He gave a robust defense of the book and responded to written questions.

'Israel will never find peace until it is willing to withdraw from its neighbor's land and to permit the Palestinians to exercise their basic human and political rights,' he said.

Neither will we, Jimmy.

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