Friday, August 11, 2006

101 uses of chaos

The Bsuhites, the NeoCons and the Lidniks love chaos. It covers a multitude of sins (crimes)

WorkingForChange-Tomgram: 101 uses of chaos:

Yesterday, the Israeli security cabinet authorized an expansion of the ground war in Lebanon (while its military suffered 15 dead and 25 wounded, the highest battlefield casualty rate thus far); Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to 'transform our land in the south [of Lebanon] to a graveyard for Zionist invaders' and called on Haifa's Arab residents to evacuate that city; Israeli planes bombed bridges and dropped leaflets warning that 'any vehicle on the roads south of the Litani River' might be destroyed, while Hezbollah rained 100 or more Katyusha rockets on northern Israel.

In Iraq, the Baghdad morgue released a staggering death toll for the month of July -- 1,815 bodies received (as many as 90% having died violently). As 'a new high,' this was an ominous sign of the spiraling civil war in the Iraqi capital, while in al-Anbar Province, heart of the Sunni insurgency, three more U.S. soldiers died and two Black Hawk helicopter crewmen were missing and possibly dead.

In Afghanistan, the capital, Kabul, is now experiencing an energy crisis which has left its electricity levels at lows equal to that of occupied, embattled Baghdad; while, to the south, the country is experiencing an ever more intense guerrilla war, replete with Iraqi-style suicide bombers and roadside IEDs, led by a resurgent Taliban.

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