Friday, August 11, 2006

Learning from Richard Nixon About How to Frame the GOP on Iraq | BuzzFlash

It must be a freakin' nightmare whe we have to resort to Nixon.

Learning from Richard Nixon About How to Frame the GOP on Iraq BuzzFlash:

We will again be delaying a day or two our commentary about the foolhardiness of progressive advocacy groups supporting any Republican senator, particularly Lincoln Chafee (where there is a good chance of picking up a Democratic Senate seat this year).

As usual, the Busheviks are tossing so much shi* at all of us, we need to tend to some more pressing issues.

And one of them is the perennial question of how do Democrats respond to the use of well-timed 'terrorist arrests' (and this one appears to be more substantive than the last two, but we don't really know) that suddenly emerge around elections, or when Bush is in a political corner. (It should be noted that Bush and Cheney are currently trying to pass a law that would retroactively absolve them and other administration officials of war crimes. Good timing for a diversionary terrorist scare, not to mention getting our minds off the fiasco in Iraq and failure of leadership in Lebanon, right?)

A couple of weeks ago, we found our answer to the question of how the Democrats should respond in the words of none other than Richard Nixon (perish the thought!). In running in 1968 against the pro-Vietnam War stance of the Johnson Administration, Nixon's theme was: (Read on^)

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