Thursday, August 10, 2006

War claims have left credibility at near-zero

This administration contains the most pathological liars ever to be gathered in one organization, except, maybe, Enron.

Young: War claims have left credibility at near-zero:

WACO, Texas - Two astounding poll figures are out, seemingly conveying completely opposite conditions about a lot of Americans.

The first appears to show that astounding numbers of Americans are exceedingly gullible. Another shows that stunning numbers are exceedingly skeptical.

The first: Fully half of Americans in a July Harris Poll believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when our troops invaded. This though the U.S. occupation has turned up only scattered chemical shells that the Pentagon itself called so old as to be worthless.

The second sampling of public opinion is even more amazing, and maybe more telling:

More than a third, 36 percent, of those asked in a Scripps-Howard poll said it is probable that the 9/11 attacks either were a government 'inside job' or that the government purposefully did nothing to prevent them.

Thirty-six percent. You talk about a core of distrust for what our government is saying and doing. And that distrust grows by the day.

It goes along with the belief of many, backed by increasing anecdotal evidence, that ultimately the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with WMD or 9/11 but was all about 'regime change' based on whatever pretext would fly.

It goes also with the growing evidence now that events are spiraling out of control in Iraq and into civil war.

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