Friday, June 29, 2007

Bush focusing on final 2 years in office

The problem with big ideas is not the collapse. It's what causes the collapse.... idiocy and the wrong ideas!

Print Story: Bush focusing on final 2 years in office on Yahoo! News:

Bush focusing on final 2 years in office

Associated Press Writer
Fri Jun 29, 4:47 AM ET

President Bush likes big ideas. Yet his second term shows the risk — big collapses.

He lost his bid Thursday to overhaul the nation's immigration laws, just as he had to shelve his attempt to reshape Social Security earlier. Bush had begun his second term talking boldly of ending tyranny in the world, but the bloodshed in Iraq has narrowed his focus and turned much of the country against him.

So what's left? Plenty, his advisers say, even though this latest loss clearly hurt.

Bush watched as the Senate on Thursday killed an immigration bill he wanted badly. He saw a chance to offer tough-but-fair legalization to unlawful immigrants, shore up the border and let temporary workers come to the United States. His critics, including many conservatives from his own party, saw an amnesty bill that was unpopular and untenable.

After a surprisingly optimistic prediction just a couple of weeks ago_ 'I'll see you at the bill signing' — Bush couldn't pull it off.

So, glumly but quickly, he turned to what's next.

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