Monday, June 25, 2007

Has Cheney finally jumped the shark?

He jumped it a long time ago as far as we are concerned, but if something is not done now, we may jump the shark!

The Last Chance Democracy Cafe » Blog Archive » Has Cheney finally jumped the shark?:

If they gave out awards for audacity, Dick Cheney would long ago have scored a Nobel Prize. He’s championed executive powers so sweeping they’d have made Joseph Stalin blush (well, maybe not), claimed the right to resist virtually all congressional oversight, imposed unprecedented secrecy on the people’s business and almost certainly personally supervised the deliberate exposure of a covert CIA agent as an act of political revenge.

Yet, while he has long been dismally unpopular among the American public, he remains the most powerful vice president in history.

So, has Cheney finally jumped the shark? It’s actually a little hard to know, given that the man who will ultimately decide how much influence Cheney continues to hold as the Bush Administration slowly slides to its inglorious end seems to be hanging with him.

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