Monday, June 25, 2007

High Noon for Justice and the Rule of Law

We are dangerously close to the point of no return.

Unless something is done and done quickly about this lawless administration, we may be giving up, for all time, our right to do anything.

I , for one, am quickly losing faith that Congress can or will do anything to bring sanity and the law back to America. Perhaps they are cowards or perhaps they are complicit. Whatever, if they don't do their jobs, the jobs they are bound to do by oath, they are the enemies of the people.

High Noon for Justice and the Rule of Law |

'High Noon' -- Sometimes You Can't Runaway from Upholding Justice

Murrow, in his historical March 9, 1954, broadcast that began the unraveling of the reign of rule by uncorroborated witch-hunting anti-Communist fear (and a watershed moment for broadcast journalism in America) said: 'Our working thesis tonight is this question: If this fight against Communism is made a fight against America’s two great political parties, the American people know that one of those parties will be destroyed and the Republic cannot endure very long as a one party system.We applaud that statement and we think Senator McCarthy ought to. He said it, seventeen months ago in Milwaukee.'

It was a brilliant maneuver to hoist the drunken master of intimidation by his own petard. Murrow, like Marshal Will Kane in 'High Noon,' was taking someone who had subdued a nation (as the Miller gang did in 'High Noon's Hadleyville) with the assertion of raw power not subject to the restraint of truth, due process, justice or the law.

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