Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The right-wing rap sheet

The law and order party has morphed into the anything-goes Goopers.

The right-wing rap sheet | Campaign for America's Future:

By now most of the world should know that Rudolph Giuliani's South Carolina campaign chair is not a cocaine dealer. No, none of that. He's merely alleged to have given the stuff away.

One of our minor obsessions here at The Big Con is how, when it comes to conservative failure, obvious patterns - the sinkhole epidemic, right-wing terrorism - get reported, in our 'liberal media,' merely as isolated incidents, one after the other after the other.

The case of the Palmetto State Party Boy reminds me of another: that the Republican Party, and especially its presidential campaigns, is staffed stem to stern with alleged criminals.

Romney's got two. His director of operations is a loon with a habit of impersonating police officers for his own freakish purposes, a crime carrying a penalty of up to one year in prison. More gravely, the co-chairman of his Utah finance committee is being sued for alleged 'physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse' of the residential boarding schools he operated.

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