Friday, June 29, 2007

White House power grab ends badly

Karl Rove isn't such a genius after all, eh?.

Did it never occur to him that there is a huge difference between now and the 1800s. Liars can't get aways with lying as easily as they could back then.

Even with the corporate controlled media, there are still a few good reporters around and then there is the Internet.

If any one thing can be thanked for the downfall of the Bushites it is the Internet and that is the very reason the Republicans, and some Democrats, are doing their dead-level best to destroy it as a political tool for ordinary folks.

I hope it has occurred to them that if they should succeed, the fury such an act would unleash in the streets of America would make the 60s look like grammar school recess.

White House power grab ends badly |

In the heady days after the 2004 elections, White House political guru Karl Rove proclaimed a 'rolling realignment' that would make the Republican Party the dominant political force for decades to come. The historical model, he said, was the election of 1896, which had ushered in three decades of almost unbroken GOP power.

'We only knew that it was an election that realigned American politics years afterward,' Rove said of the 1896 election. 'And I think the same thing will be here.'

Today, less than three years later, that dream has shattered. President Bush is one of the most unpopular presidents in history, criticized harshly even by candidates in his own party trying to succeed him. Opinion polls show a marked trend in favor of Democrats.

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