Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eugene Robinson - 'Angler' For Power - washingtonpost.com

I have never worried about a President Cheney for two reasons:

1) Like any other creature of darkness, Cheney would be far less effective, if able to function at all, in the daylight.

2) Bush could not be impeached without Cheney going down with him.

Eugene Robinson - 'Angler' For Power - washingtonpost.com:

I'm often asked why, given my lower-than-low opinion of this administration, I don't at least raise the subject of whether George W. Bush should be impeached. I answer with three scary words that tend to end the discussion: President Dick Cheney.

Then again, Cheney would probably think of moving into the Oval Office as a demotion. The president, at least, has some accountability to public opinion -- if he's going to defy it, he has to offer some explanation. The president has to hold an occasional news conference, tolerate meetings with his opponents on Capitol Hill and endure lectures from world leaders who question his policies. Cheney can just blow it all off.

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