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Nuclear War Warning!

Nuclear War Warnings!
By Bob Kendall 06/19/2007 01:52:17 PM EST

In the New York Times Letters to the Editors on June 17, Norman D. Carter of Poughkeepsie, New York wrote this:

I worked on the Manhattan Project as a chemical engineer during World War Two and the total destruction of the bomb is still with me every day. Unfortunately, the true terror is almost incomprehensible.

All corners of the earth are at risk.... The leaders of the world are incapable of controlling future use of the bomb.

The Geneva Convention rules of war were created to prevent wars such as the Nazis had conducted. After 50 million people had been killed in World War Two, world leaders recognized the danger of killer dictators like Adolf Hitler.

When Bush declared to the world in his State of the Union Address that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction threatened the U.S., the impetus was given to launch the Iraq War.

The fact that the weapons inspectors in Iraq were not allowed the necessary time to honestly evaluate if this dire claim was true was overlooked. The robots leaped to their feet in a standing ovation when Bush gave this weapons warning.

When it was later discovered that there were no mass destruction weapons, neither Bush nor those who responded to his war cry ever apologized or were held accountable.

After the shock and awe attack killed U.S. service personnel, coalition forces, Iraqis, and the combatants and non-combatants were maimed, no blame was ever place upon those who engineered this cruel hoax.

With more lobbyists chasing around Washington with hands full of money to fund the political campaigns of Senators and Congressmen, business as usual continued in what in reality is tantamount to bribery for votes and campaign funding.

There was no call for impeaching Bush until Congressman Dennis Kucinich took that vital step a few weeks ago. Bill Clinton's sexual conduct and not telling the truth about it was considered worse than the unneeded Iraq War's death and destruction. How warped, sick and twisted!

George Bush constantly chases around the world as if he is a great leader carrying the torch of freedom. Bush is greeted with protestors marching, carrying huge signs showing their strong opposition to the Iraq War.

When the war began, Bush claimed it was to defend the U.S. When the weapons were not found he suddenly changed the reasons for the Iraq War, claiming now that he was on a crusade to bring democracy to the Middle East and freedom to Iraq.

The tangible result of Bush's effort is vastly different. Two million Iraqis have fled to Syria, Jordan and Iran. Some estimates reveal that as many as one million Iraqis are dead while 3,500 U.S. service personnel have been killed and 55,000 combatants and non-combatants have been wounded.

Bush darts around Europe as if he is a conquering hero when his ratings are down to 29 percent according to the latest NBC-Wall Street Journal Poll that was released last week. His borrowing is so vast that it represents more borrowing than all the other administrations since the beginning of the nation combined.

U.S. debt is at an all-time high and continues to soar. If the dollar were replaced by the Euro as the benchmark currency for the nations that have invested in U.S. banks and bonds, economically the U.S. dollar would catastrophically plummet in value.

At the G8 Summit on controlling pollution Bush arrived in Air Force One, followed by a planeload of his contingency press. A constellation of guards and long limos protected his every move.

Amid great pomp and circumstance Bush unveiled a plan. It called for voluntary goals to combat global pollution.

In other words, Bush was suggesting that the world follow his old Texas plan that he invoked while governor. That less than inspired objective of letting the large polluting corporations police themselves resulted in more deadly pollution, resulting in increased deaths, particularly among the oldest and youngest Texas residents.

So much hot air with nothing accomplished, a hallmark of Bush "leadership."

Bush told Russia's President Vladimir Putin that he wanted a missile defense system placed in Poland and Czechoslovakia, nations bordering Russia. This marks the prelude to a new nuclear arms race.

Valentin Lyubarsky in a Letter to the Editors in the New York Times on June 17, wrote this:

The current administration, preoccupied with its fantasies, has willfully failed its duty to defend and protect, and we the people, with our watchdogs of democracy, are just basically going along with it.

Paul Bloom of San Francisco wrote the following in the same New York Times edition:

Should people be alarmed about the country's preparedness for a nuclear attack? All anyone has to do is look at the response to Katrina.

Before George Bush moved into the White House people weren't so concerned about a nuclear attack. But then the Bush Administration launched what it chose to call a pre-emptive war (a pre-emptive war occurs when a legitimate threat encompasses a nation). World leaders realized that in reality the U.S. had launched a preventive war (attacking a nation without a tangible perceivable threat).

All the time it was claimed that the Iraq War was necessary to prevent a deadly attack from dictator Saddam Hussein. Recognizing that the U.S. did this once, other nations now seek nuclear power to make sure that their people are not attacked, killed and driven from their own countries as the Iraqis have been.

Iraq has now been named in a recently completed survey to be the second most dangerous nation in the world in which to live behind only Sudan. If any Americans think they are safer after the Iraq War they are apparently not acquainted with a word they call revenge.

This is the time for diplomacy by the most brilliant statesmen in the world to prevent World War Three.

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