Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What A Fool Believes

Americans will believe anything the TeeVee says, even when all evidence points to the contrary.

What A Fool Believes | Campaign for America's Future:

Big Con readers may enjoy my cover article in The Nation on how the notion that the nation is fundamentally conservative is, um, a big con. Don't miss the quote from the Campaign for America's Future/Media Matters joint report on 'Why a Conservative America Is a Myth' about how the stubborn oxen in the mainstream media botch the job: 'Democratic victories are understood as a product of the Democrats moving to the right, while Republican victories are the product of a conservative electorate.'

Here's an example that demonstrates the problem in spades: the inaccurate-beyond-words New York Times op-ed by Melinda Henneberger, 'Why Pro-Choice Is a Bad Choice for Democrats.' She tries to make an argument about how devotion to abortion rights is somehow losing Democrats voters by the boatloads.

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