Friday, June 29, 2007

Trampling the Constitution with great merriment

Bring Back The Stockades!

We can have our dignity back as Americans....

We can sell tickets and rotten tomatoes to throw at Bush Cheney and any of the other Democracy stealing, war-mongering assholes, at a few bucks a veggie and move toward settling the national debt.

p m carpenter's commentary: Trampling the Constitution with great merriment:

In a move as unexpected as another pornographic display of Ann Coulter's ugly mind, yesterday the White House again declared war on accountability. I was delighted, truth be told. For this administration to start behaving with any show of decency or legality at this late stage would merely be an unsettling, apocalyptic sign of a suddenly disordered universe.

Writing dual letters on behalf of the regal gangster whose unfettered, unimpeached tenure has the entire world baffled, the White House's chief pettifogger, Fred Fielding, 'advised and informed' the insanely powerless chairmen of the House and Senate judiciary committees that 'the White House will not be making any production in response to these subpoenas for documents' regarding the U.S. Attorneys' firings, which would only prove, he failed to add, the stinking corruption and criminality of the Bush administration.

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