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Dear Mr Matthews

We could not have put it better ourselves so we didn't.

Chris Matthews, Have You No Shame?
Submitted by nyceve on Wed, 06/27/2007 - 12:51.

Mr. Matthews, I'm not usually at a loss for words. But I am today.

I hope someone will show you this. What I have to say is irrelevant. But the comments that people may make will let you know that you, my friend, are a national disgrace.

Forgive me for saying this, but you are revolting--far more revolting than Ann Coulter's grotesque anatomical references about presidential candidates which I will not repeat again, but clearly thrill you.

Nah, you're not revolting, you're irrelevant, like day old newspaper.

This has been building Mr.Matthews, last night, if we're lucky, will be remembered as the beginning of the end for Hardball.

And any MSNBC executives who happen to read this (very unlikely, I know) you should understand, that though Mr. Matthews may bring in a few bucks for the network, he does nothing--zero, to either educate the American people about the dire state of our nation, or to raise the level of political discourse. Nothing.

Mr. Matthews, sadly I watched Hardball last night. It was bad enough that you had Ann Coulter as a guest. She is more to be pitied than mocked or ridiculed. She is a deeply, deeply troubled individual. Watching her on your show was more like going to a carnival freak show.

Is giving freaks a platform your goal for an hour every night? Because this is what you do. What a sorry use of the public airwaves.

You are also to be pitied, Mr. Matthews. And it boggles the mind that MSNBC allows you to shame yourself night after night. One need only watch your show for a night or two to understand why the American people no longer look to you and your ilk for news. You have absolutely nothing of substance to add to the public debate, so you scream, spin and twist and provide a forum for your friends--one of whom is evidently Ann Coulter.

The same screaming and shouting day in and day out. The same people, I suppose the quid pro quo must be come on Hardball then be sure to send Chris Matthews an invite to some cocktail party. Mr. Matthews, you are useless.

Mr. Matthews, our poorly equipped servicemen and women are fighting a pornographic, illegal and immoral war. We have 47 million American without access to basic health care. And you, Mr. Matthews, dare to turn over precious media time to a person desperately in need of psychiatric care like Ann Coulter. Then you allow her to verbally abuse Elizabeth Edwards with nary a peep. Yes, yes, Chris I know you shed crocodile tears talking with triple amputees while touring Walter Reed and Fisher House. Three cheers for Chris Matthews.

Regardless who you're supporting, Elizabeth Edwards is a woman of rare grace, courage and dignity. She calls and simply asks Ms. Coulter to think before she speaks. Mrs. Edwards made only one mistake, she pleaded with this smarmy piece of human detritus to elevate the discourse in our badly damaged--perhaps mortally wounded county. Ms. Coulter's vile smirk and even worse your countenance of her abusive and mocking response, was a true low point.

Have you no shame, Mr. Matthews?

This is how Elizabeth described her experience on your show last night. It makes me wince even thinking about how she was treated. But Elizabeth has grace and I don't, so she will just take a deep breath and move on. I want you to know the truth.

On Monday, Ann announced that instead of using more homophobic slurs to attack John, she will just wish that John had been "killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

Where I am from, when someone does something that displeases you, you politely ask them to stop. So when I heard Ann was going to be on "Hardball" last night, I decided to call in and ask her to engage on the issues and stop the personal attacks. I told her these kinds of personal attacks lower our political dialogue at precisely the time when we need to raise it, and set a bad example for our children

How did she respond? Sadly, perhaps predictably, with more personal attacks.

Speaking of anatomical references which so interest you, who is your colorist, who puts all that color into your hair? Who is Howard Fineman's colorist, or Tommy Thompson's, for that matter?

Ugh, spare me, Mr. Matthews.

MSNBC, is this really the best you can do?

Here's a link to the MSNBC contact page, if you're so inclined, let them know what you think.

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