Monday, August 07, 2006

Conn. Race Could Be Democratic Watershed

...and this is why we hope Lamont wins.

It will send a very strong message to Democrats across the nation, and may signal to the whole world that not all Americans are insane, blood-thirsty, war criminals.

Nevertheless, unlike some DC Dems, we absolutely leave it all up to CT. Dems. We fully understand that this is their state and their senator.

Conn. Race Could Be Democratic Watershed:

FARMINGTON, Conn., Aug. 5 -- The passion and energy fueling the antiwar challenge to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in Connecticut's Senate primary signal a power shift inside the Democratic Party that could reshape the politics of national security and dramatically alter the battle for the party's 2008 presidential nomination, according to strategists in both political parties.

A victory by businessman Ned Lamont on Tuesday would confirm the growing strength of the grass-roots and Internet activists who first emerged in Howard Dean's presidential campaign. Driven by intense anger at President Bush and fierce opposition to the Iraq war, they are on the brink of claiming their most significant political triumph, one that will reverberate far beyond the borders here if Lieberman loses.

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